Sustainable Events Power

Events are happening on almost every day of our lives throughout the country and examples are wedding, parties, team meetings, political rallies and church functions. However events can also impact negatively on the environment. The people who attend the various events consume energy that in some cases leads to emission of greenhouses gases to the atmosphere with a negative impact on the environment. There is need for careful consideration when organising our events so that we reduce the negative impacts to the environment by reducing the consumption of energy generated from fossil fuels.

Events that have permanent sites can also consider permanent solar PV installations and though the initial investment cost is high, there are no associated fuel bills and maintenance costs to it will be cheaper in the long run. Solar PV systems are particularly suitable power lighting and sound for stages, cinema, campsites, catering, and phone charging stations, Wi-Fi routers and flood lights.

Energy efficiency interventions during events can include utilising natural light and ventilation to reduce energy consumption ,use of energy efficient lights, recording electricity meter readings before, during and after the event, switching off all lights and air conditioners when leaving the venue and coming up with recommendations for reducing consumption for future events.

Incorporating solar energy and energy efficiency interventions during event organising should be considered by the public and private sectors as well as during social events. A solar powered or energy efficient event can also act as a great tool to raise awareness among the event participants about the contribution towards sustainable development.

Solar PV systems can be designed and assembled on the event site so as to match capacity to demand for powering of events. Solar PV systems also have in-built efficiency as power is only drawn from the battery when it is needed as compared to diesel generators that run and use fuel even when power is not being drawn.


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